Shadow box


The standard wood shadow box fence is 6’ tall with dog eared pickets that are widely spaced and put on both sides of the fence.

Pickets are spaced approximately 3” apart.

We offer staining in Tricorn Black, Charleston Green, and White. For other colors, customer must provide CPT code. We do not apply primer.

Wood Shadow Box Gates

Walk Gate

Wood Shadow Box Walk Gate
Wood Shadow Box Walk Gate

All our drive gates come attached to a pipe frame (1 5/8” pipe) and 6x6 posts to maximize strength and duration.

Drive Gate

Wood Shadow Box Walk Gate

The standard drive gate is 10’ wide built from 2/5’ leaf gates.

Arched gates

Butterfly Swing gate with an Arched Top

Wood Shadow Box Fence: A Timeless and Versatile Option for Your Property

If you’re looking for a classic and adaptable fencing solution, a wood shadow box fence is a perfect choice. With its unique design, this type of fence style provides both privacy and visibility, making it ideal for any property. Shadow box fences are constructed with overlapping boards that allow air to flow through, making it less likely for the fence to be knocked down during high winds. They can also be stained or painted to match any outdoor decor, making them a versatile choice. Whether you’re looking to secure your backyard, enhance your curb appeal, or add a touch of elegance to your property, a wood shadow box fence is an excellent option that can stand the test of time.

Material Type

When it comes to the materials used, wood is a popular choice for shadow box fences. It provides an attractive, natural look that blends well with any landscape. One of the biggest benefits of wood shadow box fences is their versatility.

They can be designed to fit any style or taste, from traditional to modern, and can be stained or painted in a variety of colors. This makes it easy to find a design that fits your style and fits in well with your home and surrounding property.

Lower installing and maintenance cost

Wood shadow box fences are also relatively low-maintenance compared to other fencing options. They can be sanded down and repainted or stained as needed to keep them looking good for years to come.

Our proficient team excels in mending fences made of diverse materials and varying sizes and its style, such as wood, vinyl, aluminum fence installation, and chain link fences.

A wood shadow box fence is a great option for homeowners planning to stay low-key but with style. Its versatility and timeless look, combined with its low-maintenance requirements, make it a great choice for your property. With a wood shadow box fence, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your property is both secure and beautiful. Contact us today to install Wood Shadow Box Fence.