Wood Cap and Trim Fence

Wood Cap and Trim Fence: A Timeless and Elegant Option for Your Home

The cap and trim design of this fence is what sets it apart from other types of wood fences. The cap is a wooden piece that covers the top of the fence and adds a finishing touch, while the trim is a decorative molding that enhances the overall appearance of the fence. The cap and trim can be painted or stained to match the color of your home, or you can choose a contrasting color to create a bold statement.

Inside trim

Inside trim. Does not come standard.

Top and bottom trim

Top and bottom trim with post caps.

Wood Cap and Trim Fence Gates

Walk Gate

Wood Cap and Trim Walk Gate
Arched gates

Arched gates

Drive Gate

Wood Cap and Trim Drive Gate

The standard drive gate is 10’ wide built from 2/5’ leaf gates. Standard drive gates are butterfly swing gates

Arched gates

Butterfly Swing gate with an Arched Top

Benefit of installing Wood Cap and Trim Fence

One of the biggest benefits of a wood cap and trim fence is that it provides privacy and security while still allowing light and air to flow freely. This type of Best fence is typically 6 feet tall, and the cap and trim design make it more difficult for people to climb over or see through. It also offers a degree of wind protection, helping to reduce noise and protect your outdoor spaces from the elements.

If you want a fence that combines timeless beauty with practicality and durability, a wood cap and trim fence is a great option to consider. Whether you want to add wood privacy and security to your outdoor spaces, or simply enhance the look of your home, this type of fence is an excellent choice. Contact us today to learn more about wood cap and trim fences and get a quote for your home!