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Wooden Fence Installation in Summerville, SC

Wooden fences provide a beautiful enclosure for lowcountry bungalows, colonial homes, Georgian properties, and more, and when you consider how many designs you have at your disposal, there’s a wooden fencing style for everyone. Whether you’d like a traditional white picket fence, a rustic split-rail fencing system, or something else, please get in touch for your complimentary quote. We can discuss pricing, availability, the durability of wooden fences, and anything else on your mind. We have 15 years of experience installing wood fences in Summerville, and we’d love to hear from you.

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Choose Your Wood Fencing System in Summerville, SC

Traditional Picket Fences

The traditional picket fence, with its perfectly spaced vertical slats and pointed peaks, creates privacy while retaining an open feel that adds charm to your property. We can customize the height and design of your fence, use dog-eared or gothic pickets, and even offer many choices for paint or natural seals and stains.

Split Rail Fence Builders in Summerville

Split rail fences are a wonderful option for larger properties in rural areas. We use rough-hewn logs split into rails, and you will love the rustic look. These fencing can either be purely aesthetic, or we can add metal mesh between the rails to keep livestock within certain boundaries. Contact us for wood options, availability, and a time frame for installation.

Ranch Style Fences

Ranch fences, also known as post and rail fences, are another popular wood fence in Summerville. They offer a more utilitarian design compared to split rail fences, and they are ideal for enclosing larger areas like farms or ranches and keeping cattle, goats, horses, alpacas, or other animals on your property. We can include two to four rails, depending on your needs and budget, and they provide a sturdy barrier that still looks beautiful.

What Type of Wood Should You Choose?

Cedar, pine, redwood, and spruce are common for property owners in need of wooden fencing. For specific details regarding lifespan, pricing, and material availability, call us.

Cedar has a natural resistance to rot and insects along with its distinctive aroma and beautiful natural color. Whether you stain the wood or simply seal it to preserve the natural color, it’s had to beat a beautiful cedar fence.

Pine is more common, since it’s often pressure-treated to increase durability. It is a more affordable option for many property owners, and since it’s a soft wod, it is receptive to various stains, seals and paints.

If you want a more high end fence, redwood might be a good choice. Its high resistance to moisture, decay, and insect damage makes it a long-lasting option, though it does come at a higher price point. You will instantly improve your home’s curb appeal due to the rich color and texture of redwood, and you’ll love the way it transforms your property.

If you are trying to be budget conscious, you may want to consider spruce fencing. It isn’t as resistant to moisture, sun and insects as other woods, but we can still increase its lifespan with proper finishing and sealing. It will require more maintenance over the years, but it’s still a good fence when installed properly.

Coating, Sealing, and Painting Your Wood Fence in Summerville

If you want to preserve the natural beauty of the wood, we can use a clear sealant that will protect the wood from bugs, UV rays, and moisture. We can also enhance the rustic nature of the wood with various stains, and we are also more than happy to paint your fence the color of your choosing. Paint will require more upkeep over time, but it’s worth it for many homeowners.

The Process of Installing Your Wood Fence

First, we’ll carefully examine the property for soil conditions, the landscape, and any obstructions we can find that will influence the work of our wood fence builders. We’ll then plan the style, height, and layout of your fence in accordance with local zoning laws and your preferences.

We then mark the locations of posts, check for utilities and wires (not to mention rocks and boulders), and start digging post holes. Once the vertical posts are set in the holes with concrete, we can start adding vertical pickets or horizontal rails, depending on the configuration of your fence. Staining, painting and finishing completes the process, and we don’t leave until every aspect of your fence is perfect.

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We would love to transform your property with a breathtaking fence made of natural wood. We also install chain link fences, aluminum and metal fences, and more, and we can add high end walk-through gates, or gates for vehicles, tractors, and large animals. We can also set you up with electronic remote openers and more. Give us a call for your complimentary quote today - we’d love to hear from you.

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