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Metal Fence Installation in Summerville, SC | Wrought Iron and More

In a town with as much history and character as Summerville, you want a fence that can add even more class to your property. For some properties, a metal fence structure may be a good fit. From ornate iron fences to decorate fencing around your garden, work with Southern Fence to find the right design, material, and structure for your home. We are happy to schedule a complimentary consultation, provide a quote, and help you find the right solution. Give us a call or send us a note at your earliest convenience.

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Metal Fencing Options in Summerville, SC

Wrought Iron Fences are Timeless Classics

Wrought iron fencing stands out for its classic elegance and strength. It can have intricate designs suited for estate homes or classic Georgian architecture, and it is ideal for homeowners seeking a combination of beauty and security. If you are interested in pricing out a wrought iron fence for your property, please let us know. We can discuss availability of materials, cost, and a timeframe for installation. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Aluminum Fencing Options

There are other metal fencing options, like aluminum, at your disposal. Aluminum fencing is a lightweight alternative. It's resistant to corrosion, making it a great option for areas with high humidity or salt exposure, like Summerville. Aluminum is also available in various styles, from contemporary designs to more classic picket or horizontal configurations. We can even mimic the look of wrought iron with an aluminum fence at a lower cost.

Finishing and Coating Options For Metal Fences in Summerville

We finish our metal fences for both aesthetic purposes and durability. We apply powder coatings to most of our metal fences – this helps your fence resist scratches, fading, and weather. This is a dry powder application that is then cured under heat; it will protect from rust and more, and we can customize the color of the coating.

We can also paint iron fences if the property owner would like. This may require more upkeep over the years, but given the character a wrought iron fence will add to your home, it’s absolutely worth it. Give us a call regarding color options and more.

Incredible Durability With Minimal Maintenance

Your metal fence will last for many decades, and it won’t rot or succumb to insects and moisture the way a wooden fence can. The powder coating will protect it from many problems, and we can always re-apply a coating after a decade (or longer!) if the fence needs a touch-up. The quality and beauty of your metal fence installation in Summerville, SC will be worth the investment many times over.

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