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Wooden Fence Installation in Hilton Head, SC

Southern Fence has 15 years of experience installing wooden fences for clients in Hilton Head and the surrounding areas of South Carolina, and we would love to speak with you. We offer a complimentary quote to all potential customers, and whether you want a picket fence, ranch-style enclosure, or privacy fence around your pool, we can make it happen for you. Trust the lowcountry’s leading wooden fence company - call us or send us an email today.

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We Can Handle All Wooden Fencing Styles

Rustic Split Rail Fences in Hilton Head

Whether you choose cedar, pine, locust, or a different wood, your split rail fence can provide a durable and charming boundary around your property. We typically use two to four horizontal rails fitted into notched posts , and if you need added security for kids or animals, a wire mesh can be attached without detracting from the fence's visual appeal. The installation process of split rail fences is straightforward; we drive posts in the ground at regular intervals before slotting the rails into the posts. Split rail fences blend in beautifully with the semi tropical foliage of Hilton Head island, and the natural wood will frame your house nicely.

Split Rail Fence Installation in Hilton Head

Most commonly, homeowners request pine or cedar picket fences, although redwood is also a popular choice. Each type of wood has its pros and cons, and if you’d like to learn more, give us a call. We can walk you through the expected lifespan and cost of different types of wood.

You have plenty of styles to choose from, including traditional pointed tops, Gothic, and dog-eared. We’ll help you pick something to complement your property’s architecture. We can customize your picket fence along the lines of heights and decorative elements – we want you to get the perfect wooden picket fence for your property.

Ranch Style Fencing Installation in Hilton Head

If you have animals on your property, or if you have a country home that deserves a rustic surrounding, consider a ranch style fence. We would be happy to provide you with examples. If you do have animals, consider adding a wire mesh between the posts. Or if you have children or need to keep animals out of your yard, mesh may also be necessary. But if the fence serves primarily as an aesthetic element, or if you’re keeping larger animals (like horses) at bay, then consider leaving your view completely unobstructed.

How Long Will Your Wooden Fence Last? Choosing the Right Wood

Common Wood Types

Hilton Heads’ climate is not necessarily easy on natural wood. Pine, cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated wood stand out for their unique advantages and drawbacks. Pine, the most cost-effective option, is widely used for its affordability and ease of use. However, can be more susceptible to decay, and it requires regular maintenance. Cedar is both gorgeous and aromatic, and it offers better resistance to rot and insects. It is a bit more expensive, but it’s a wonderful choice. Redwood is similar to cedar in that it’s highly resistant to environmental decay and insects – the combination of longevity and beauty justifies its premium price. Pressure-treated wood, treated with chemicals to resist rot and pests, is often the best option for homeowners who don’t want to worry about maintenance.

The Process of Installing Your Wood Fence

To enhance their longevity, wooden fences are often coated or painted. This preserves the wood from moisture, UV rays, and insect damage. Stains and sealants are commonly applied to cedar and redwood to retain their natural color while protecting against the elements. Pressure-treated wood may also be painted or stained, but it usually requires time to dry before treatment. Whether your wooden fence needs a stain, coat of paint, or other treatment, we won’t leave until your fence is perfect and ready to serve you for many years.

If you’d like a free quote for wooden fence installation in Hilton Head or the surrounding areas in South Carolina, get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

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