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Wooden Fence Builders in Hardeeville, SC

Southern Fence has over 2 decades of experience building and installing wood fences in Hardeeville, SC, and whether you want a ranch style fence or a classic white picket enclosure, we are happy to help. Please get in touch for a complimentary quote and consultation today - we are the South Carolina Lowcountry’s leading wooden fence contractor.

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We Work With All Wooden Fence Styles

Choosing the right style of wood fence depends on your specific needs and the overall look you want to achieve. The list below can serve as guidance, but we can get more creative if you’d like - get in touch for a consultation.

Wooden Picket Fence Installation in Hardeeville

Picket fences are classic and charming, perfect for Hardeeville and elsewhere in Jasper County. They are often used in front yards to enhance curb appeal while providing a clear boundary without obstructing the view. Picket fences are typically shorter, around three to four feet high, and feature evenly spaced vertical boards.

Privacy Fence Installation

Privacy fence installation in Hardeeville creates secluded space in your backyard. These fences are typically six to eight feet high and have little to no gaps between the boards, ensuring maximum privacy. They are perfect for homeowners who want to enjoy their outdoor space, and they also help reduce noise and the felt effects of wind.

Split Rail Fences For a Rustic Feel

Split rail fences offer a rustic and open look, making them perfect for larger properties and rural settings. These fences feature horizontal rails supported by vertical posts, creating a simple and visually appealing boundary. They don’t necessarily offer privacy, but split rail fences are excellent for marking property lines and keeping livestock contained.

Lattice Fences - An Ornate Touch For Your Garden

Lattice fences add a decorative touch to your garden or yard. They feature a crisscross pattern that provides partial privacy while allowing light and air to flow through. Lattice fences are great for supporting climbing plants and can create a beautiful backdrop for your garden. If you’d like to see some examples, let us know!

What Type of Wood Should You Choose?

We often work with homeowners and commercial property managers in Hardeeville to help them choose a wood that fits their design preferences, budget, desire for maintenance, and the challenges of our Lowcountry climate.

Cedar Fences in Hardeeville

Cedar is a popular choice for wood fences due to its natural resistance to decay and insects. It has a beautiful reddish color and a pleasant aroma. Cedar is relatively lightweight and easy to work with, making it a favorite among fence builders. However, it is more expensive than some other types of wood. With proper maintenance, a cedar fence can last for many years.

Pine Fences - Popular and Affordable

Pine is a more affordable option and is often pressure-treated to resist rot and insects. It has a lighter color and can be painted or stained to match your desired look. While pine is not as naturally durable as cedar, the pressure-treatment process helps extend its lifespan. Pine fences are a cost-effective choice for homeowners on a budget.

Redwood Fence Installers in Hardeeville

Redwood is known for its exceptional durability and beautiful reddish-brown color. It naturally resists insects and decay, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting fences. Redwood is more expensive than both cedar and pine, but its durability and stunning appearance can justify the higher cost. If you want a fence that combines beauty and longevity, redwood is an excellent option.

Spruce - Another Cost Effective Option

Spruce is another affordable wood option, often used for picket and stockade fences. It has a light color and can be painted or stained. However, spruce is less durable than cedar and redwood and may require more frequent maintenance to prevent rot and insect damage. Spruce is a good choice for decorative fences where cost is a concern.

The Process of Installing a World-Class Wood Fence

Our expert fencing contractors don’t leave until your fence looks perfect. We want to make sure that your investment lasts for many years. Here’s what to expect from the installation process. From wood fence installation on Hilton Head Island to iron fences in Summerville, we’ve got you covered.

Planning and Design

The first step is to plan and design your fence. This involves selecting the style, height, and type of wood that best suits your needs and property. Our team will work with you to create a design that complements your home and meets your functional requirements. We also keep your budget in mind.

Site Preparation

Once the design is finalized, the installation site is prepared. This includes clearing any obstacles, marking the fence line, and ensuring the ground is level. Proper site preparation is crucial for a stable and long-lasting fence.

Setting the Posts

The next step is to set the fence posts. We dig holes to the appropriate depth, and posts are set in concrete to provide a strong foundation. It’s essential to ensure the posts are perfectly aligned and level.

Installing the Rails and Panels

After the posts are set, the horizontal rails and vertical panels are installed. This involves attaching the rails to the posts and then securing the panels or boards to the rails. Precision and attention to detail are key to ensuring the fence is sturdy and looks great.

Finishing Touches

The final step is to add any finishing touches, such as caps for the posts or decorative elements. The wood may also be stained or painted to protect it from the elements and enhance its appearance.

Quality Check and Maintenance

Once the fence is installed, a thorough quality check is performed to ensure everything is perfect. Regular maintenance, such as sealing or staining the wood, is recommended to keep your fence looking beautiful and extending its lifespan.

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