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Wooden Fence Installation in Beaufort & Port Royal, SC

Wooden fences add character, improve privacy, elevate the appeal of your home, and keep the kids and pets safe. Whether you own a historic home in downtown Beaufort, a colonia in Port Royal, or another type of property, we’ll find the perfect wooden fence for your style and needs. We have nearly two decades of experience, and we’re here to guide you through the selection process, discuss your options for materials and designs, and provide a seamless installation experience. Let's explore the possibilities for your property together.

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There Are Many Wooden Fence Options To Choose From

You have so many types of wooden fences to choose from, each suited for a different budget, use-case, and aesthetic. Let us talk you through your options and find the perfect fit.

Classic Picket Fence Installation in Beaufort, SC

Picket fences are a beautiful addition to many homes in South Carolina’s lowcountry. Whether you want a white fence or a different color, you can improve your quality of life and home value with a picket fence. We offer customization in height and style, from the traditional dog-eared designs to more ornate gothic peaks, painted or naturally stained to suit your home's exterior.

Rustic Split Rail Fences

Larger, more open properties in Beaufort & Port Roya are perfectly suited for split rail fences. You can delineate property lines, contain livestock with the addition of wire mesh, or simply add more texture to the aesthetics of your property with a wonderful rustic split rail wooden fence.

Consider a Ranch Fence

Our ranch (or post and rail) fences are versatile, and they work for both decorative and practical purposes. These fences are great for larger areas, offering a sturdy solution for containing animals or marking perimeters without obstructing scenic views. Choose from two to four rails to match your functional requirements and aesthetic preferences.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Wood

You need a type of wood that suits your budget, can withstand our challenging coastal weather, and look amazing. We can help you choose.

Cedar is always a popular choice, since it’s naturally beautiful, resistant to decay and bugs, and smells wonderful. But it can be more expensive. Pine is a more budget-friendly option (often pressure-treated), and it can be easily finished and painted to fit a variety of looks. Spruce is another common wood that folks will usually want to stain or paint. For something a bit more stunning, consider redwood - it has a beautiful color and texture, has incredible durability, and resists the elements. It will both turn heads and improve your home’s value.

That said, every homeowner has different needs and preferences, and we want to help you find the right option.

Protect Your Fence With Coatings, Sealants and Paints

To protect your investment and extend the lifespan of your wooden fence, we offer a range of finishing options. Clear sealants preserve the wood's natural beauty while protecting against moisture, UV rays, and pests. We can also stain your fence to highlight the wood's texture, or paint it to match your home's color scheme. Although paint may require more frequent touch-ups, it provides a beautiful look that many homeowners love. All things considered, painting your fence every several years is not a huge ordeal.

The Fence Installation Process Is Simple and Straightforward

We start with a careful assessment of your property, soil conditions, landscape features, and any potential obstructions. Our planning takes into account your preferences, local zoning laws, and the unique character of your property. We then mark post locations to make sure no interference with utilities or underground lines will come into play. We dig post holes, set the posts in concrete for stability, and proceed with adding rails or pickets based on your chosen design. The final step involves applying the chosen stain or paint, and we won’t leave until your property looks exactly how you’d hoped.

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Whether you need a wood privacy fence, hand-operated gate, ornate wooden picket fence, or something else, call our Beaufort fence company at your earliest convenience. We would love to speak about your needs and provide a customized, transparent quote.

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